Monday, 5 August 2013

Why you should look to buy rebuilds before new cars

If you need a car, why not think along the lines of rebuilds? Think about it this way:  A car is a big investment and one that unfortunately decreases with time. So what is the use of investing your hard earned money in a brand new car? The moment it leaves the showroom its value drops instantly and considerably. We live in uncertain times and you would be well advised to ask yourself if you can really afford to spend more than you need to on something that so quickly loses its monetary value.
Ok, you’re right, you’re probably thinking, but why look at rebuilds? Wouldn’t it be better to go to a second hand car dealer and look for something there? You could do that, but chances are good you’ll still pay more than you need to - and this is why: Often times a second hand dealership also has to make repairs to the vehicle, so you end up paying not only for the repairs which you could have done yourself, but also for the money the dealer lost on the vehicle whilst it was being repaired. So, just by going straight to a damaged car dealership, you really could purchase a car for far less than from second hand dealerships.
These reasons should be enough to convince anyone of the merits of buying rebuilds. But where does one go in South Africa to find these salvaged vehicles? The answer is Dynamic Salvage Management. Here you’ll find the widest range of vehicles as well as expert advice about what you need to do to get the vehicle of your choice back on the road as soon as possible.       
So get in touch with Dynamic Salvage Management today, the rebuilds sales specialists.


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