Monday, 23 September 2013

Make sure that your vehicle will last: What to look for when buying cheap used cars

A cheap used car is a dream come true, especially with the prices of cars in this day and age. When you find a good deal, sometimes there is a serious reason why you’re getting such a bargain – a reason you may end up paying much more money for further down the road. In this case you have to be smart about your purchasing decision. Read on to find out what you need to look for when buying a cheap used car.

  1. Check the tyres. The car’s position pre-inspection is important. Make sure it is parked on a flat, level surface. This is to ensure you can easily spot if any part of the car is dipped lower than the rest. This is a sign of a flat tyre or damaged wheel.

  2. Carefully examine the paint work. The paint on a car can give away so many clues as to what kind of damage the car has endured. A slight change in the colour signals that part of the car, such as the door or bonnet has been replaced. This means that the damage was so severe that this part of the car couldn’t be repaired. Find out why this is the case and you might find out just why this car is so cheap.

  3. Look for signs of rust and water damage. Look inside the boot for the real giveaway of this kind of damage. It may look perfect on the outside, but often times the inside of the boot gives away damage caused by rust and water.

  4. Check the VIN number on the fenders. All fenders should have matching VIN numbers under the bonnet. If not, the fender has been replaced. This is another clue as to the cheap price of the car. While under the bonnet, check the hoses and belts for cracks, and make sure the radiator hoses are not soft.

  5. Always test drive the car. Listen out for any strange noises and rattles, test the air conditioning and read the mileage. A car does an average of 10 000km per year, so bear this in mind when you find out the age of the car. Is the mileage strangely low? Find out why.

There are many factors that could make a used car cheap. Some are fantastic bargains, but others could spell danger. Look out for shady deals by being thorough. Looking for a cheap used car? Contact us today.


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    So, if the replacement of tires will cost from 500-1200$ while rust may not be. But soon in the car can appear a characteristic strange smell of "swamp water." This is an obvious sign that the car was drowned.
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